Benefits of Spinning

If you’re looking for a fun yet an intense way to burn calories and reduce stress, spinning is a perfect choice. It’s just you and your stationary bike in a room with a bunch of other people and an instructor to keep you motivated. The best part is, your bike tracks your progress so you can stay motivated and reach your fitness goals. Check out the many benefits to a spinning workout:

Burn Calories and Build Muscle Tone

Taking a spinning class for 45 minutes will burn about 500 calories. Compare that with, say, walking on the treadmill for the same amount of time, and you’re only at about 150 calories if you’re lucky. Of course, you could burn even more than 500 while spinning — you just have to up the notch of the intensity. Another perk of spinning is the ability to build muscle tone. That’s because spinning works out your core muscles, buttocks and thighs. Go slower while increasing tension, and you’ll build muscle; go faster and you’ll burn fat.

Boost Endurance

If your level of cardio endurance has been lacking, spinning will take care of that in a jiffy. You’ll build up your endurance levels over time so that you can go longer without getting winded.

Easy on the Joints

Unlike running on pavement or doing kickboxing, spinning is easy on the knees and joints because it’s naturally a low-impact activity. In fact, spinning is especially good for those with arthritis.

Stress Relief

It’s well known that exercise relieves stress but spinning, in particular, can help you de-stress simply due to the intense nature of the workout. You don’t have time to think about anything else! Your instructors and other classmates will motivate you to keep going, keep pushing, keep spinning. Plus, it also helps that music is pumping through the studio, further motivating you to go that extra mile. Music in itself is also a stress reliever.

Lower Risk of Injury

If you run, jog, or lift heavy weights, you run the risk of injury to your joints, back, neck, etc. Spinning lowers your risk of those and other injuries. Of course, you should always stretch before hopping on the bike to get your muscles ready for the workout ahead.

Adjusting and Tracking

The ability to adjust your tempo and tension is a huge benefit of a spinning class. You can do this on your own or wait for your instructor to suggest when to change tension. Your stationary bike should also be able to track calories burned, mileage and pulse. Tracking your progress not only keeps you aware of how your body is reacting in the moment, it also helps keep you motivated to endure.


Snow on the ground? No problem. Raining outside? Again, no problem. You don’t have to sacrifice your workout just because the weather outside isn’t cooperating. Too hot, too cold, doesn’t matter. Inside the spinning studio, the temperature is always perfect. Come see what we mean and book a class now at Infinity Fitness Center. It’s time to kick-start your workout!