How Can I make Time For The Gym?

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The biggest complaint people have about not being able to get to the gym is lack of time. However, we make time for what’s important, so the first step is to re-set your thinking. Making the gym a priority on a daily basis is key to getting out of that rut and back on the treadmill. It may seem easier said than done. Let’s go over the many ways you can make time for the gym so you can get healthy and fit.

Take a look at your daily appointment book: If you live through a schedule, use that to your advantage. Take out your calendar and go through each day hour by hour. Chances are, you will find small pockets of your day to workout. Even if it’s just a half hour, a quick workout is better than none at all. Identify those pockets of time and see if you can’t find a pattern through your days. You don’t have to work out at the same time every day, but if you can get on some type of schedule, it will make it easier to stick to your plan.

Prioritize: Everyone has their distractions. You may look at the house, see it’s a mess, and start cleaning up. Or maybe the laundry is calling you. Or just maybe you can fit in that extra work task to please your boss. That’s all great once in a while, but sometimes you have to step back and say “No. Today I will leave it all there and take some time for ME.” The laundry will be there when you return. Set priorities and make them happen. Your health is certainly at the top of the list.

Power down: One big drawback of constantly being accessible via phone, tablet and desktop is that we find ourselves constantly “on.” Power down the device for an hour a day and get to the gym. Your kids won’t die if you can’t help them find their sock. Your co-workers will survive over lunch if you hit the gym. Shut down the phone for peace and quiet so you can concentrate on the task at hand and not be pulled in a million different directions.

Add an hour to your day: Getting up one hour earlier than normal may sound like a lot, but once you get into the routine, especially if you make a commitment to hit the sack an hour earlier at night, this will seem like second nature. Can’t seem to get yourself out of bed that early? Find a workout partner who can motivate you to forgo that extra hour of sleep and hit the gym together. This is a huge motivating factor in staying interested and alert at the gym. Everyone gets in ruts sometimes. Having a buddy near you cheering you on, not letting you give up or cut corners, will help tremendously.

Making time for the gym isn’t always easy, but it can be done. Make it a priority and stick to it!