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Personal Training is for EVERYbody!

02h65302Whether you’re just getting started or would like to shake up that daily routine a little, our Infinity Fitness personal trainers can design fitness programs specifically for you. Infinity Fitness offers 2 complimentary personal training visits upon joining! With these introductory visits, our nationally certified personal trainers are able to provide the right level of guidance, knowledge, and tools to achieve YOUR fitness and wellness goals.

Personal training provides you the expertise and the motivation you desire. Without a doubt, you’ll be getting the most out of your workouts and feel good that you’re pushing yourself to your limits, physically and mentally. Infinity Fitness encourages an open and comfortable atmosphere to all members, both men and women. We know that with today’s busy lifestyles training needs to be effective, fun and result oriented; that’s why our nationally certified personal trainers develop a program that enables you a different workout each day. No more boring lingering workouts!

Infinity Fitness’ full and part-time personal training staff is here to fit your schedule, offering various options such as 1-on-1, 2-on-1, and group training sessions. Whether you’re seeking guidance and coaching, just out of physical therapy, nurturing a past or present injury, or perhaps an intense athlete gearing up for that upcoming season; our personal training staff is ready FOR YOU! Infinity Fitness trainers have, and are presently working with a wide range of clients; from people who have suffered severe, life-threatening injuries to sports specific – professional athletes.

“PERSONAL TRAINING IS THE BEST INVESTMENT I HAVE EVER MADE IN MYSELF! When I first considered personal training, I was intimidated and afraid that I would not be able to do it. But just after a couple sessions I realized that it is not just for those in good shape. It is for people of all different fitness levels. To benefit from a personal trainer, all you need is the willingness to work at improving your own physically ability. Already, I have more confidence in myself both physically and mentally. Having a personal trainer is one of the best things I have ever done!”

Susan M. Letourneau, Infinity Fitness Member

We have delivered to so many of our members the fitness levels and the bodies they asked for and this why we are here – helping people look and feel better makes us who we are. We take care of and motivate our members and that feels great.

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