5 Benefits of Working Out With a Friend

//5 Benefits of Working Out With a Friend

Working out on your own can become frustrating and boring. In addition, you may easily lose motivation because no one’s there to make you get up and exercise, or cheer you on when you’re doing great. Invite a friend to get on board with your fitness routine and we guarantee you’ll be a lot more motivated and have a lot more fun. Check out these five benefits to having a workout buddy.

1. Accountability. You’re much more likely to workout when it’s on the schedule ahead of time and canceling means inconveniencing your friend, says MSN Lifestyle. Being held accountable for your failure to show up for a workout will have you thinking twice before hitting that snooze button.

2. Push the limits: On your own, you may feel comfortable or get in a rut over time, doing the same tired workout day after day. When spurred on by a friend, you’re more likely to push your own limits and take each workout a step further. Cheer each other on to do that extra rep, take that extra 10 push-ups, work those abs even more. When you go it alone, you’re your own worst enemy because you can talk yourself out of anything. If you can, workout with a friend who is a bit stronger than you are and try to meet their level.

3. Get innovative: As said above, getting into an exercise rut is extremely common. To get out of that, you need some motivation to try something new. A friend can bring something fresh to the table that you may never have thought of before. Be inspired to try something new, such as spinning or strength training, or add more weights to your lifting routine. Not only do you get a much-needed confidence boost, you get someone who can spot you on those more difficult lifts.

4. Increase your workout time: Having fun really does make the time go by. By yourself, you’re eagerly counting down the clock until your workout can end. When alongside a friend, it doesn’t seem so much like work. Instead, you enjoy yourself more, have a better workout and make more effective use of your time. Plus, you’re forced to push away all your meddlesome thoughts, the chores you have to do when you leave the gym, or problems going on in your personal life. Instead, you’re engaging in conversation and motivating each other to be healthy. Sometimes, distraction is a great way to get the job done!

5. Two-person exercises: It makes sense that having a buddy to work out with would open up a whole new world of exercise methods. Broaden your scope and incorporate two-person exercises that boost the motivation level for both parties. If you drop the ball, you will fail your partner; therefore, you’re spurred on to do the best job you can possibly do. Why not try crunches with a medicine ball pass or partner push-ups with shoulder tap?

What are you waiting for? Grab a friend and get going!