4 Great Fitness Apps for Gym Workouts

//4 Great Fitness Apps for Gym Workouts

4 Great Fitness Apps for Gym Workouts

One of the biggest stumbling blocks people encounter when trying to lose weight and stay fit at the gym is a loss in motivation over time. If you’ve ever worked out with a friend or hired a personal trainer, you know how much easier it is to stay on top of your fitness routine because you’re spurred on by the other person. However, it’s not always possible (or cost effective) to hire a personal trainer or grab a buddy to come along on your workout. That’s where apps come in.

According to PC Mag, mobile apps are ideal assistants for health, fitness, and weight loss because they are always with us and they’re very personalized. Here are four great apps to help with your gym workouts and keep you motivated.

  1. Gym Hero: Instead of facing long lists of workouts and exercises, this app lets you log your individual routines and keep track of progress. It’s easy to select sets, weight, and repetitions, plus you can create an unlimited number of routines. With a virtual database of your own exercises, this app is highly personal to the user and even allows you to share your workouts on social media with clients, personal trainers, and friends. You’ll get a summary of every workout, analysis of your workout, and statistics that encompass every muscle group. With a database of nearly 300 exercises, you’ll never run out of options here. 
  2. Runtastic: Perfect for the runner, this app tracks your workout, speed, and pace, with an add-on called Running Story that combines music and an audio book all in one. Let’s face it: using the treadmill at the gym can get real boring real fast. There are only so many playlists you can listen to without getting bored of your selection, too. That’s what’s so unique about Runtastic. Listen to stories (35 minutes long), developed by storytellers, musicians, and sound technicians, that will get you motivated to push through. 
  3. Workout Trainer: It’s time you owned your workout with Workout Trainer, designed to get you in shape at the gym via thousands of multimedia workouts and custom training programs. You’re guided by expert coaches who show you how to complete a workout to the best of your ability, thanks to timed, step-by-step audio, photo, and video instruction. Whether you want to target weight loss, abs, glutes, strength training, or yoga, you’ll be guided by stunning photos, explanatory videos, workout schedules and reminders, progress cues, free virtual fitness assessments, and an exercise library with instant audio. 
  4. Workout Tracker Gym Log Exercise Trainer by JEFIT: This acts like a personal trainer for your pocket, helping you improve your gym workout, especially if you need that extra push of motivation to achieve your fitness goals. With access to more than 1,300 unique exercises with descriptions and animations, you are able to create personal workout routines and daily fitness plans. You can also track statistics, view your progress, add friends and interact with the community with fully customizable routines and exercises.

Download one of these top apps and get yourself back to the gym because you’re about to get motivated! Contact Infinity Fitness in North Andover today at 978-794-3484 to learn our low rates. We even offer a FREE seven-day trial.